Philomena Grimley from the European Province provides service at a food pantry in Preston.

Cornelia Connelly’s motto for her community, “Actions Not Words,” captures her understanding that living the Gospel is the best way of preaching it. For her, the love of God extends itself through a loving embrace of God’s people in ways that are responsive to the needs of each new age.

American Province Ministries

African Province Ministries: Education, Spiritual, Health and Agriculture

European Province Ministries: Education, Cherwell Centre and Apley Grange

The education of underprivileged children and women was the first ministry of the Society when it was founded in England. Education in the Catholic tradition became the primary ministry of the community and, with time, Holy Child schools were established across the European, American, and African continents.

The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus are committed to compassionately advocating for those whose lives are diminished by unjust or compromised social structures or by lack of access to education, services and care.

Holy Child sisters are boldly following Cornelia’s call and example by meeting the needs of our time with a love full of action wherever they serve.