Retreat in Daily Life Together

The Retreat in Daily Life Together is one way in which the spiritual legacy of St. Ignatius of Loyola continues to transcend the centuries as a dynamic aid to spiritual growth for people today. The retreat takes place over an extended period of time within the context of everyday life.

The spirituality of the Ignatian Exercises is at the heart of the spiritual life of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, whose members have chosen to include this retreat in the observance of the 175th anniversary of their founding. It will extend from October 2020 to May 2021 during the year of celebration.

The retreat is an invitation and opportunity to deepen your personal relationship with God and your life of love and service in communion with all that God has created.

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“Questions without answers must be asked very slowly.” We know the Spiritual Exercises are designed to help us contemplate such deep issues, to let the future unfold in our heart and imagination and thus gather our capacity for purposeful effort into the Mystery of God always at work.

Prophetic voices from many disciplines: science, theology, psychology, ecology, cosmology, the arts and humanities…  tell us that the task of personal and collective transformation is so enormous that we need communities to hold us, to spark creative compassion and to sustain each other’s energies and commitment. We need one another’s perspectives and expertise. We need one another.

The word TOGETHER has been added to the title: Retreat in Daily Life Together (RDLT) because it is hoped that all of us can be united in this experience, along with associates, colleagues, friends, parishioners and others whom we invite to join us.

As we travel together on this spiritual pilgrimage, let us embrace it as “a time to ask for great things — faith, zeal, generosity…” (CC 8:45) for ourselves, the Society and our world.