Students at the Priory School Edgbaston in Birmingham

Cornelia Connelly wanted the schools she founded to be happy places and believed that the students ‘would always succeed the better for being happy’.

She developed an educational system based on trust and reverence for the dignity of every human being. Those educating in the tradition of Cornelia Connelly continue to help students grow strong in faith and lead fully human lives, educating them towards freedom, creativity, self-discipline, individual initiative and personal and social responsibility.

Schools in England, France and Ireland, which were founded by Cornelia Connelly or later Holy Child sisters, today form the Holy Child European Network of Schools. The schools are rooted in the educational tradition of the Society, sharing its mission to help others believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world, and to rejoice in God’s presence.

Holy Child European Network of Schools

Tertiary and Life-long Education

From the time of Cornelia Connelly, Holy Child sisters have been involved not only in the education of children and young people but in adult education.

Today sisters continue to teach at university level, particularly in the field of theology. We have had for many years a link with Heythrop College, University of London. Holy Child sisters have also contributed to priestly education in seminaries, including the Beda College in Rome.

Members of the province engage in adult education in many forms, from the University of the Third Age to adult literacy classes.

A continuing openness to learning new things is deeply human.