European Province

A flourishing humanity on a thriving planet rich in species in an evolving Universe, all together filled with the glory of God: such is the theological vision we are being called to at this critical time of Earth’s distress. Making this vision a reality is our generation’s great religious adventure.

These words of Elizabeth Johnson (a Sister of St Joseph) describe the vision of all Holy Child sisters too. We are deeply committed to an understanding of Incarnation that embraces the whole of creation. We ’help others to believe that God lives and acts in our world, and to rejoice in the divine presence.’ (SHCJ Constitutions paragraph 4)

In all our ministries we work in whatever ways we can to bring healing, reconciliation and justice in society, reaching out to marginalized and disadvantaged persons and groups and working with others to counter the forces which threaten to harm our planet and its people. Sisters work in prisons, with released prisoners, with homeless people, in food banks, in advocacy for trafficked women and children.

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