Safeguarding UK


The Society of the Holy Child Jesus, with its educational base and its incarnational spirit, has always had the trust and reverence for every human being at the core of its mission. As members of the Congregation, we will cherish each child and vulnerable adult as a gift from God with an inherent right to dignity of life and bodily integrity which will be protected and nurtured.

The Trustees of the Society in England and Wales are fully compliant with the policies and guidelines issued by the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales and are committed to making a prompt response to any complaint. All houses where SHCJ live should be a safe environment for all children and adults.

If you have concerns about any safeguarding matter, please contact the Province Leader at the European Province Office on 0142 324 4001, or our Safeguarding Lead, Anne Stewart SHCJ.

Safeguarding Lead: Sister Anne Stewart SHCJ


Tel: 01253 275439

We are contracted for safeguarding services with the Religious Life Safeguarding Service. If you wish to contact the RLSS, please use the following contact information:

Tel: 01515 562311 and ask for a member of the Safeguarding Team.


If you have concerns about the immediate safety of someone who is vulnerable you should contact the Police or your local Social Services Department.