Ministries We Support


Participants in CAFOD’s Step into the Gap programme.

Alongside the many ministries which members of the European province engage in individually and through community, there are four works to which we offer some financial support:

Step into the Gap is a year-long programme run by CAFOD in partnership with the Society of the Holy Child and others. It enables young people aged 18-30 to have experiences in ministries in the UK and developing countries and to deepen their own faith. To learn more visit

Loaves and Fishes is a drop-in centre which serves homeless people in Salford and Greater Manchester providing support and a safe place to visit. Among other things, it offers a cafe, showers, laundry facilities, clothing, a doctor’s practice and a dental service. To learn more visit

Zaccheus Club is a Catholic educational project located in Birmingham, which began in 2002.

Through the club, a small group of teachers reaches out to children who are experiencing difficulty in coping with the struggles they encounter. Among the stated purposes of the Club are:

  • To offer pastoral and emotional support to those children experiencing difficulties in their lives
  • To raise their self esteem, enabling them to become more socially and emotionally competent
  • To help children to feel empowered and better about themselves
  • To work with the children to build positive relationships with other so they are enabled to live their lives more effectively.

While working on a one-to-one basis or in small groups with the children, the team also offer support to parents and to school staff, keeping in close touch with them to keep abreast of the children’s ever changing worlds, their behaviour and their emotional states.

The Society’s financial support helps to enable the Zaccheus Club to continue its much-needed work in several schools across Birmingham.

Ruhama (a word which means ‘mercy’) is a Dublin based NGO which works with women affected by trafficking and prostitution. To learn more visit