Pastoral / Spiritual


Spiritual Direction Training Programme at CFR.

Renewing, Refreshing and Refilling the Soul

The Centre for Renewal was established in October 1980. The vision of the Centre for Renewal is to ensure the integral development of the human person. In view of this, the Centre runs programmes that are geared toward the wholistic development of the human person.

Programmes offered include:

  • Spiritual Direction Training and services
  • Sabbatical programme
  • Retreat – Directed, Guided etc
  • Workshop on Peace Building
  • Leadership Styles
  • Counseling Skills and services
  • Human Development
  • Stress management
  • Relationships Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Human Sexuality
  • Personality assessment : MBTI, Enneagram
  • Social Teachings of the Church
  • Self Care in Ministry, etc.

Team Members:

  • Sophia Onuora, SHCJ – Director
  • Bernadette Okure, SHCJ
  • Justina Ugwu, SHCJ
  • Jacinta Ugwu, SHCJ
  • Calister Igbo, SHCJ
  • Lydia Alphonsus SHCJ
  • Lilian Eboh (s)
  • Pauline Okoroafor (s)