Holy Child School Alumni Fund Solar Energy Project in Ghana

12 March, 2024

BNN news website is reporting on a transformative project driven by alumni commemorating their 25th anniversary and coinciding with Holy Child School’s school’s 78th speech and prize-giving day:

In a groundbreaking move, the 1999 alumni of Holy Child School in Ghana have championed a pioneering initiative, successfully transitioning their alma mater to 75% solar energy. This transformative project not only addresses the chronic power outages and financial challenges faced by the school but also sets a new standard in climate-positive action within the country’s educational sector.

The initiative, commemorating the alumni’s 25th anniversary and coinciding with the school’s 78th speech and prize-giving day, represents a profound gesture of giving back and paving the way forward. In an exclusive interview with the Business and Financial Times, Ing. Mrs. Sheila Enyonam Akyea, president of the 1999 year group, expressed her excitement about building on the foundation laid by their predecessors. “It’s our way of ensuring current and future students receive the same level of empowerment and opportunity we had,” she stated.

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