Third Sunday of Lent, 24 March, 2019

Surprise! Surprise! But, we wonder, even worry, what kind of surprise will it be? For Moses, calmly shepherding his flock in the wilderness, it was life-changing: a burning bush; an encounter with the Mystery of God, calling him by name and calling him to nothing less than the liberation of Israel from slavery! Our God of Surprises is always calling us into relationship, love, freedom, into life! How might God be trying to attract your attention this Lent as you go about your daily life? How are you going to respond?

Second Sunday of Lent, 17 March, 2019

Did you know that 1,000 selfies are posted in Instagram every 10 seconds! In fact 93 million selfies are taken every day. Why? Is there something in us that makes us need to keep looking at ourselves and to be seen. Today’s gospel of the Transfiguration tells us: “While he was praying his face changed.” Jesus, the Beloved Son, was seeking the face of his Beloved Father.

It is your face O Lord that I seek” Psalm 26. The wonder is that we are being called to share this relationship and to follow him. No need for selfies!

Seek his face!” Psalm 26.


First Sunday of Lent, 10 March, 2019

What will satisfy our needy hearts? What will feed our deepest hunger? Jesus answers us today as he journeys with us through the Lenten desert; we whose lives are inundated by so many words, seduced as we are by our mobile phones, texts, emails, social media, breaking news, gossip, tweets, including Facebook, dare we say it!

“Not on bread alone are we nourished, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Deuteronomy 8:3

Why not “Taste and see!” Psalm 33


Ash Wednesday, 6 March, 2019

IT’S ASH WEDNESDAY! So, will you be going forward for your Brand Mark today? Will you stand in line to receive the Christian Logo, the Cross of Christ on your forehead? Will you remember that it was first traced there in fragrant oil at your baptism? Today it will be marked in gritty ash. Yes, we remember that we are dust, but we also remember that it was from dust we were lovingly created. So we are setting out again to journey towards Easter, to enter the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection, to renew our Baptism, for we are marked for LIFE!