Lenten Reflections

Second Sunday of Lent

Last Sunday we were offered the image of the rainbow as a sign of God’s faithfulness. In today’s readings we are invited to climb mountains and see stars and sand and clouds: images of wonder, abundance and mystery and, again, of immeasurable love.

The sculptor, Rodin, challenges artists and all of us to let “our eyes plunge beneath the surface to the meaning of things [and explore] all the truth of nature, not only the exterior truth, but also, and above all, the inner truth”.


First Sunday of Lent

At the start of Lent we are offered the familiar reading from the Book of Genesis which reminds us of God’s promise:

Photo: Phil Darby

“I set my rainbow in the clouds to serve as a sign
of the covenant between me and the earth.”

This lovely symbol urges us to trust that God’s over-arching and stubborn love refuses to give up on us, as individuals and as a world community. It invites us to respond to opportunities to reconnect with love and justice, “a return to respecting limits, curbing the reckless pursuit of wealth and power, looking out for the poor and those living on the edges” – Pope Francis.





Recently, Damian Howard SJ described FRATELLI TUTTI as an encyclical

“for tumultuous times,
for a pandemic wrapped inside a financial crisis
encased in impending ecological catastrophe”.

The encyclical would make a good Lent book this year.

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