The SHCJ and the Second World War

26 May, 2020 Despite current circumstances, the 75th anniversary of VE day was still honoured and enjoyed this month as we reflected on the bravery of those involved in the […]

From the Archives: SHCJ Spring in Preston

12 March 2020 In February 1853, five Holy Child Sisters were sent to Preston to answer the call of the Jesuit fathers to take charge of their schools. The fathers […]

From the Archives: SHCJ School Sports

14 October, 2019 For anyone who enjoyed the excitement of the Athletics World Championships last month or the amazing performance of 15-year-old tennis star Coco Gauff at Wimbledon over the […]

Cornelia’s Notebook and Writing Table

12 June, 2019 From the European Province Archives This notebook of ‘Dates and Events from 1846’ lists key moments in the SHCJ’s early history such as the arrival of five […]