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"To rejoice in God’s presence and to help people believe that God lives and acts in them and in our world." The Society of the Holy Child Jesus , founded by Cornelia Connelly in 1846, is an international congregation of religious women in the C...

Cornelia Connelly

Cornelia Connelly, an American-born wife and mother and a zealous convert became the founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus in England in 1846. View a complete timeline of her life by clicking here and read about her story here and here . Her...

How to Help Cornelia’s Canonization Cause

The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus often are asked where the Society is in the process of elevating Cornelia Connelly to sainthood. Below are the ways that you can help advance the cause for her canonization and the timeline and remaining steps in...

Our Cornelia Newsletter

Welcome to the Our Cornelia newsletter, a publication for all those who want to know Cornelia Connelly better and pray to her. The Cornelia Connelly Promoters Committee (CCPC) has put this out to keep you informed on activities regarding the founder of...

Cornelia Connelly Film

https://vimeo.com/105815688 A Love Full Of Action - To obtain a copy of the DVD contact us at europeanprovince@shcj.org

Cornelia Connelly Library

The Cornelia Connelly Library provides exhaustive online resources about the life of the founder of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. From historical documents to biographies to inspiring texts for children, the Cornelia Connelly Library ...

Our Presence in Europe

The Society of the Holy Child Jesus was founded in Europe - in Derby, England - in October 1846 by Cornelia Connelly, who was an American. So, from the very beginning, even as the first convent was opened in England, we were aware of the wider world. During...

Living in Community

Living in community means taking time to be with one another , coming to know and value one another through conversation, prayer, meals together, relaxing and celebrating. Of course, we share the practical tasks of daily living. More importantly,...


A number of sisters have recently been involved in a stories project, for which they produced short films about their life-journeys. Christine Carter KV Lynch Eva Heymann Jenny Bullen Catriona McPhail Marie Quayle Carmel Murtagh Judith...

Christine Carter

"Inspiration from an Unexpected Quarter" - An interview with Christine Carter. https://vimeo.com/97258125

KV Lynch

"Something Out of the Ordinary" - An interview with Kathleen Veronica Lynch. https://vimeo.com/97253631

Eva Heymann

https://vimeo.com/97140854 "Standing on My Own Two Feet" - An interview with Eva Heymann. https://vimeo.com/97135486 "From Darkness into Light: New Worlds" - Patient Voices by Eva Heyman.

Jenny Bullen

https://vimeo.com/97256173 "Crossing the Road" - An interview with Jenny Bullen.  

Catriona McPhail

https://vimeo.com/97139057 "In the Humble and Hidden Life" - An interview with Catriona McPhail.

Marie Quayle

https://vimeo.com/97140325 "Inside Out" - An interview with Marie Quayle.

Carmel Murtagh

https://vimeo.com/97138591 "Christmas" - An interview with Carmel Murtagh.

Judith Lancaster

https://vimeo.com/97253629 "Be Yourself" - An interview with Judith Lancaster.

Today's Leadership

The leadership team of the European Province is made up of four sisters who, in the words of the Constitutions, provide a pastoral ministry of love and service, combining spiritual leadership and administration. Some of the words and phrases from...