We’re Going to Be on Motherhouse Road Trip!

A Nun’s Life Ministry will be visiting SHCJ’s Rosemont, Pa. home New Sharon on a Motherhouse Road Trip, Friday, April 24, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. The “Road Trip” is a podcast that is live-streamed (audio and video) over the Internet. Anita Quigley, SHCJ, Director of Vocations for the American Province, and Pat Phillips, SHCJ will join […]

Commemorate Spring Equinox

By Terri Mackenzie SHCJ (Read her blog post on the Spring Equinox in full.) You have surely noticed that daylight is increasing in the Northern Hemisphere (or that it is lessening in the Southern). No doubt our ancestors — dating back aeons — noticed this, too. By all means participate this spring in whatever celebrations […]

Five Poppies – A Poem Inspired by the Horrors of War

By Helen Forshaw SHCJ This year and this season, Lent, memories of that terrible, most pointless of wars, the First World War, are so fresh again around the world. The context for the creation of this poem was a small SHCJ meeting at a Bernadine Convent in July 1992. They had a beautiful chapel, the altar made of […]