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As Holy Child Sisters, we are committed to an understanding of Incarnation that embraces the whole of creation. We “help others to believe that God lives and acts in our world, and to rejoice in the divine presence.”

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Climate Change





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Climate Change


SHCJ Climate Change Pledge

The SHCJ, having already agreed to transition to renewable energy, recently agreed to the following action steps.

We commit ourselves to reduce carbon emissions by our activities and life styles so that all God’s people, particularly the poor and vulnerable, will not suffer the devastating consequences of climate change.

We pledge to be aware and pray over recent scientific reports and Church statements on Care for the earth and invite family, friends and colleagues to join with us.

We urge our government officials to join the world community to enact legislation which will reduce the emissions of global greenhouse gas and support clean energy.

Renewable Energy

About 90 percent of SHCJ Province houses and apartments converted to renewable energy. Will you join us?



“Time For An Energy Change” Fracking Video

Catholic Climate Covenant

10 Ways to Make a Difference by Catholic Climate Covenant

Take this Eco-Audit

 PACRIPennsylvania Coalition for Responsible Investment



EcoSpirituality Group


The Evergreens is a group of SHCJ and Associates that meets monthly in Rosemont, Pa., to share signs of hope, to deepen their understanding of the Incarnation in the light of the Universe Story, and to respond to the current crisis of our planet. For information contact

Ecospirituality Resources


Sisters of SHCJ invite you to join us in respecting God’s creation community by living both simply and sustainably, avoiding consumerism and purchasing fair trade, organic and resource-friendly products. For information, contact

Spiritual Direction

The ministry of Spiritual Direction can be enhanced by a study of the Universe Story – the Divine creative action and presence in all of being. For more information contact

SHCJ Statements On Creation

Universe Story Retreat

Suggested Books, Videos, and Sites




Casa Cornelia Law Center



Community Development Investment

Through our Community Development Investments, we continue to give loans to help women, nonprofits, and small banks start new businesses or give loans to begin affordable housing.

Centro Cornelia Connelly, 
Santiago, Chile




Casa Cornelia Law Center

Safe Houses

Together with other women’s congregations, the SHCJ supports a safe house in San Diego County as well as Dawn’s Place in Philadelphia and Lifeway, a safe house in NYC.



News from Leadership Conference of Women Religious

UNANIMA International

Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center

Catholic Climate Covenant