Spiritual and Healing


“The Sisters provide me with renewed hope and confidence…my heart is filled with love.” — Dana Charles Pierce, Supporter of the Society, 2014

With a deep commitment to the growth and development of each human person, the Holy Child Sisters engage in programs that offer spiritual formation and foster healing and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit. Through spiritual counseling, caring for the aging and infirm, protecting God’s creation, and visiting the sick or the incarcerated, the Sisters embrace this ministry with joy, compassion, and zeal. They seek to bring God’s love into creation and help others to see his active love in their daily lives.

The Sisters’ Spiritual and Healing Ministries include:

Centro Cornelia Connelly in Santiago, Chile – founded in 1995 by the Holy Child Sisters, this ministry focuses on spiritual formation and training in leadership for youth and adults in Santiago and through missions in the south of Chile. Sisters also offer outreach to the city’s homeless community.

Holy Child Center (Rosemont, PA) – home to our retired Sisters who are living independently, or with assisted and skilled care, after serving in active ministries for many years. At Holy Child Center, the Sisters continue to minister through the power of prayer. Many Sisters also serve the larger community by visiting those in need, offering pastoral services to area parishes, or volunteering at Holy Child ministries.

Handing on the Spirit – a program to promote our Holy Child spirit and Incarnational spirituality helping people rejoice in knowing that God loved them so much as to become human, and that God’s love is still present and active in today’s world. Handing on the Spirit is a call to action for people to witness and acknowledge God’s love in all people, in all things, and in all stages of life.

Holy Child Associates – men and women who are inspired to deepen their spirituality through personal prayer, reflection, spiritual development, ministry, and community. Click here to learn more information.

Vocations – women who are drawn to the mission and spirit of the Society are invited to learn more about becoming a Holy Child Sister by clicking here.

EcoSpirituality Group – Founded in 2001, the EcoSpirituality Group (ESG) is a spirituality group offering mutual support as we grow in understanding of Incarnation and the SHCJ mission in light of new scientific findings about creation and the problems threatening the world God lives and acts within.