Since 1988, the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus have set aside a portion of their funds to be invested in community development, housing, and business projects that benefit the poor by providing low-interest loans.

The organizations receiving funds from the Society pay interest, but at a greatly reduced rate, giving these much-needed endeavors an extra boost. In addition to the United States, projects around the world are supported through the Society’s Microlending ministry.

One organization that received funding from the Society is the Taos County Economic Development Corporation in New Mexico.  This organization sought to address the community’s high unemployment rate by creating job opportunities in the food and farming industries. They trained people to cook, cater, and merchandise their farm products. Click here to learn more about this Corporation’s mission and it’s impact on serving the poor and unemployed in New Mexico.  In 2016, Taos completed their loan payments to the Society.

Click here to read Taos’ thank you note to the Sisters.


Click each organization link to see their websites:

Accion International
Boston Community Capital
City First Bank of DC
Equal Exchange
Fonkoze S.A.
Fonkoze USA, Inc.
Hope Community Credit Union
Hope Enterprise Corporation
Interfaith Housing Alliance, Inc.
Leviticus Alternative Fund Inc.
Metro Bank
Mercy Loan Fund
New Community Corporation
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF)
Partners for the Common Good
Project H.O.M.E.
Self-Help Credit Union
Shared Interest
Urban Partnership Bank
The Reinvestment Fund
Washington Area Community Investment Fund
Working Capital for Community Needs