Cornelia Connelly School, Abeokuta Holds Career Day

19 March, 2019

It was a colourful day recently at the Cornelia Connelly School of the Holy Child Jesus, Abeokuta, Nigeria, where staff, pupils, parents, and friends, gathered to celebrate the career day of the school.

A gynecologist examining an expectant mother.

The event began at about 10:30 am with the opening prayer by a parent, Mrs. Lawrencia Agunloye. It was followed by the school anthem and then unwrapped with an opening speech made by Sr. Sarah Egbai, SHCJ. According to her, career is a job a person does that involves responsibilities. It has to with interest and openness to lean new ideas which will lead to positive results.

She sighted example with mothers whose responsibilities have moved from being house wives to working as professionals in various fields some of which are medical, engineering, law, force, social work, vocational work, etc. she continued “you often try to choose vocation or career for your children which may not be an area of interest to them. This can be frustrating to them but when they eventually choose a vocation/career of their choice, they become more fulfilled.”

She urged parents and all present to guide their children and pray for them when they are making their career choices.

An Ophthalmologist in action.

An overview of education/religion was given: religion is the belief in a supreme being with absolute trust. For Christians, they believe in God who is the source of all things created and ever existed. Furthermore, education is the umbrella of every field. The pupil who did presentation as a teacher told the crowd “I prepare people for different career choices”.

They were overviews and presentations of various fields by the pupils and then a story that was acted out by the children. Lessons from the story included:

A wedding took place.
  • Career is about interest not just gifts and talents
  • Vocation is a call
  • Parents/guardians should not impose it on their children/wards
  • Every course read/profession practiced is important
  • Welcoming/accepting of people from different tribes, cultures and religions
  • We cannot do it alone
  • God is one therefore, we all are one.

The closing prayer was said by Sr. Henrietta Adindu, SHCJ at about 12:30 pm.

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