Washington School for Girls Explores Movement and Learning

September 25, 2019

Dr. Beth Reaves – Head of School, Washington School for Girls (WSG)

The 5th grade class at Washington School for Girls has recently added an “Active Desk” to their classroom. According to the teacher, “The active desk has helped create an environment in our room that prevents negative behavior by giving students the opportunity and outlet to move without being associated with distraction or getting in trouble. It breaks away from the traditional way of learning by moving around while doing so.”

Studies show that movement while learning can help a student focus and also promote creativity. When asked what they like about the active desk, a student answered, “I like that I can have fun and be active while still working. Sitting still for a long period of time is tough, but the active desk lets us move enough so that we don’t distract others in the class.” Another student said, “If you are in a sad mood or having a hard day, the teacher might invite you over to the active desk to reset and get back to our happy selves.”

The active desk provides support for six students at a time with a combination of seated and standing positions. Some seats have bike pedals, and some just rotate slightly. The subtle movement has allowed students to stay focused and alert during classroom instruction. We are looking forward to expanding on this active classroom initiative in the future!

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