Time to Plan for Lent

By Terri MacKenzie, SHCJ

Lent begins next month — Ash Wednesday is Feb. 18th! Christians who care about Earth and/or whose Christ-awareness has been enriched by evolutionary biology, physics, and the new cosmology might long for Lent resources that include the suffering, death, and resurrection of Earth. Knowing that Jesus’ life is interconnected with everything else, they might want resources that foster actions that contribute to Earth’s sustainability and renewal.

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There you can also find a free five-part group reflection guideCreation Covenant, currently available in English at http://ecospiritualityresources.com/lent.

Also, in February http://ecospiritualityresources.com/blog will post a ritual for Ash Wednesday that expands our dust-remembrance by celebrating our coming from stardust and by reflecting on the marvel of dust.

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