South Central LAMP Celebrates on International Women’s Day

May 28, 2024

Diana Pinto – Executive Director, South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)

South Central LAMP celebrated the incredible mothers of our Family Literacy Program on International Women’s Day. We welcomed Sandra Gonzalez, author and founder of Skillful & Soulful Press, and Ingrid Estrada-Darley, co-founder of Black Girl, Brown Girl Books. Ingrid delved into the importance of representation in literature, especially for immigrant women, and explored how diverse stories foster a sense of belonging.

The mothers participated by preparing essays they had written, in which they shared both a childhood memory and a challenge they had met and overcome. These were the most touching moments of our gathering — sharing triumphant journeys with heartfelt emotion. The room was often in tears as each woman described what had transpired in her life. What was notable for each mom was her proud stature and the openness of her story. Wonderful memories or, too often, dangerous struggles were integral to each migration reflection.

Thanking God, their families, the friends they have made here, and South Central LAMP, the moms also described their appreciation for the unrelenting support they have received. Most of all, they joyfully presented themselves as valiant, courageous, beautiful, and strong women! This reality indeed stems not only from the resilience of each mother but also from the dedicated teachers of our Family Literacy Program: Sr. Cathy Garcia, RSHM, Hannah Han, Derek Sijder, Angelica Salcido, our Family Advocate, and Jessie Hernandez, our Adult Education and Program Manager.

Join us in honoring these remarkable women as we continue to uplift, empower, and celebrate the strength within our South Central LAMP community.

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