Second Half of the Program Year Sees ‘Incredible Changes’

February 24, 2016

Diana Pinto – Executive Director of South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)

At South Central LAMP, we are beginning the second half of our program year — a favorite time of the year for our staff! We start seeing incredible changes in parents and children as a result of the work accomplished in the first half of the year. “Magical” is the word I like to use to describe these coming months. We witness the power of education coming to fruition in each parent and child.

Last Year’s International Women’s Day Celebration

For children, learning comes more naturally, but for adults learning is often a new reality. Accepting change is not as easy as one matures, especially in the community we serve. Traditional roles and habits are well formed, and rethinking them is challenging. The idea of becoming an independent woman for the first time in one’s life can be daunting. That is why SC LAMP’s leadership workshops are so important.These courses teach women how to use their newfound voice, not only for themselves but for their community.

Seeing the courage of these women emerge during this second half of the program and watching them become empowered to use their voices is beyond a joy and privilege. Their growth is an extraordinary gift to each of us who serve them!

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