SC LAMP Helps Build Confidence and Personal Growth

May 30, 2018

Diana Pinto – Executive Director, South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)


Recently our staff at South Central LAMP was treated to an appreciation luncheon by the women we serve. The event consisted of a delicious meal, entertainment, and parting gifts. While for many of the staff members, hosting an event like this is “business as usual,” for these women, organizing the luncheon required the use of new skills they had learned at South Central LAMP. Each one made a concerted effort to step out of her comfort zone, assume a leadership role, work in teams, and practice communication skills — definitely no small feat! Preparing and hosting this event was a “first,” especially having to collaborate with so many other women.

This year, nine women will be graduating from our three-year Family Literacy Program. Lessons learned from their time at SC LAMP contributed to the success of the luncheon. Each earned A+! Seeing their dedication reminded me that “love” is an important component of growth. The women in our program know the staff loves them. And because we love and trust these women, they believe in themselves. SC LAMP provided a foundation for these women to build confidence and experience personal value and growth, and this was evident in the beautiful staff appreciation luncheon. The event was filled with an abundance of gratitude and love. We send off our newest graduates with great admiration, for their personal growth, and for sharing the richness of their lives with us.

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