Responding to Global Crises with Compassion, Commitment

May 10, 2022

Carmen M. Chavez, Esq. – Executive Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a sponsored ministry of the Society of Holy Child Jesus.

As we witness violence around the world, including the recent attacks on the sovereign nation of Ukraine, there is a heavy mix of purpose and sadness. Purpose, because through Casa Cornelia’s mission and the U.S. justice system, we are able to uplift the rights of survivors from around the world. Sadness, however, is inevitable because the casualties of these wars will result in millions displaced, stateless, or diseased.

Nevertheless, in our corner of the world, Casa Cornelia’s committed staff and volunteers continue to serve a growing number of individuals seeking a safe haven. In 2021, we responded to the needs of 1,949 vulnerable children, women, and men. More than half of them are minors, and over forty percent of the total were detained. With your help, these children, families, and asylum seekers now have a second chance to live without violence.

One of these courageous stories is that of Peter*. After his brother was murdered by organized crime, Peter and his family fled to the United States seeking a safe haven. After contacting Casa Cornelia, our attorneys took their case and represented them in immigration court, successfully obtaining asylum on their behalf. Now, Peter, his wife, and their child are safe from violence and the looming fear of kidnapping and torture. They have newfound hope for a better future as a family. Please keep them and all our clients in your prayers.

*Name and photographs have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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