Providence Center Teen Leader: Now I Believe in Myself

February 15, 2017

David Chiles – Executive Director, Providence Center

Providence Center in Philadelphia is a sponsored ministry of the Society of Holy Child Jesus.

Savannah’s Story

Savannah is a second-year Teen Leader with Providence Center. She brings joy and energy to the young children in our Kindergarten to third grade classroom. Savannah provided support to one Kindergartner who came to us without any pre-school. “She didn’t know how to spell her name. She didn’t know how to identify her ABCs. I helped her with her homework; I helped her practice every day to spell her name; I helped her with her ABCs; I helped her to learn how to count. It brought me so much joy and happiness.”

Working with the children has also helped Savannah as she is finishing high school. “I’ve taught myself techniques and ways to be patient. Helping the little kids with homework, breaking it down in little steps, that actually helped me. If I can teach them to break down the lessons into small steps, then I can use this same approach with my homework.  Teaching them actually taught me.”

Today, Savannah is preparing to go to college, and she wants a career working with children as a pediatrician or case worker. As a Teen Leader, Savannah has learned to believe in her future. “I used to think I’m just going to go work and school. I didn’t have plans for myself. Now, I set goals for myself. Now, I believe in myself. Now, I’m certain about what I want. Now, I know I can do it. I’m going to do it.

“If you have a mindset that you want to help and give back, this job is the job. We help, and we give back, and we receive. I want people to know that Providence is really a life changer. I grew as a person. I grew as a student. I grew as a daughter. I really grew.”

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