Pat’s Picks: Don’t Miss The Film Fences!

January 18, 2017

By Pat Phillips, SHCJ

Patricia (Pat) Phillips, SHCJ, periodically writes an opinion piece on new movies for the Holy Child Sisters. Her latest “Pat’s Picks” features Fences. Enjoy reading her review and stay tuned for future “Pat’s Picks!”

The Los Angeles Times had a full page filled with glowing comments about Fences starring Denzel Washington (Troy) and Viola Davis (Rose). Entertainment explains it: “As a frustrated working-class husband and father undone by his own pride Washington is like an exposed nerve. Viola Davis, as his long-suffering wife who’s been bending for so long that she is about to break, delivers a performance of radiant warmth and ferocious intensity.” The whole cast was superb as evidenced by the SAG nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Cast.

Although race is a background issue, Fences is really about relationships and broken dreams, especially relationships within a family. Troy is a complicated man, who is building a fence in the back yard. As is said in the movie, some people build fences to keep people out, others to keep them in.

The three sons are affected differently, and perhaps Cory, the youngest, suffers the most. Rose, the wife and mother, is heroic and sometimes stands up to Troy. Don’t miss Fences!

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