NEW Newsletter Feature: Praying in (Un)likely Places

August 22, 2017

This new feature article in the SHCJ Associates Newsletter (American Province) highlights how an Associate includes prayer in their daily lives. To learn more about the Associates, please contact Cathi Duffy, director of the SHCJ Associates – Americas, at

By Debbie Kissinger

When I retired from teaching there were many things that I missed about being an educator. One of the things I always enjoyed doing were bulletin boards. In retirement, I took a class on how to make my own cards using rubber stamps, cutting dyes and other embellishments. I soon became hooked and had a new hobby.

I discovered most of the cards I made were for friends who were experiencing challenges in life. It occurred to me that while I was making my cards this was also a time I could offer up some prayers for the intentions of the recipient. Thus my new hobby became another opportunity for me to pray in a different way.

Over the last 10 years I have created many cards and when I sign the back of the card I always include my initials, the year and “with prayers” as my signature. I thank our Lord for blessing me with the talent to create something that has helped console, encourage or celebrate with my friends and family. In the digital age we live in now, people always seem to love receiving a real card that can be held in their hands and that they can look at on a shelf.   I always say “these are my mini bulletin boards” and am happy they mean so much and in my own way I’m praying that they feel the love of the Lord through me. This is my small way of sharing the prayers in my heart as I strive to reach out to those I care about.

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