Media Roundup: SHCJ Leader Addresses Bishops

Society Leader Veronica Openibo, SHCJ, recently spoke on behalf of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG) at the Vatican meeting on the protection of minors in the Church. Her message of the necessity of complete transparency in the Church was picked up far and wide. Below are links to a sample of media coverage.

Vatican: Watch Sr. Veronica’s talk in full

CNN: A nun just read the riot act to Catholic bishops over clergy sex abuse Nuns hope more women at summit sets standard for future Vatican meetings

America Magazine: Nigerian sister asks bishops: Why did the church allow atrocities of sex abuse to remain secret?

National Catholic Reporter: At abuse summit, Sister Openibo calls for complete transparency


2 Responses to “Media Roundup: SHCJ Leader Addresses Bishops”

  1. Eileen Tepper

    Bravo, Sr. Veronica! Your very eloquent speech left no room for excuses or the pretense of lack of knowledge of the horrific scandal taking place in the Church. It would be interesting to know how your presentation was received aside from the “polite” applause.

    Having been educated by the Sisters of the Holy Child, I am so appreciative and proud of your mission. This is such a trying time for us all. God help us.

  2. Mrs. Joseph H. Wunderlich (Selma Koury Wunderlich)

    Sister Veronica gave a very effective and powerful speech. She is an excellent spokesperson for the congregation of Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, and for Sisters of other congregations. My suggestion is that Sister’s speech be made available online to be printed and studied by interested parties. Since there were no closed captions and It is too valuable to be missed by possibly the hearing inpaired, availability of the printed word would be appreciated.
    Thank you .—Mrs. Joseph H. Wunderlich (Selma Koury Wunderlich)