Instilling a Love of Service at Holy Child School at Rosemont

January 31, 2018

Holy Child School at Rosemont, like all of the Holy Child schools, is committed to service as part of Cornelia Connelly’s philosophy. Our service efforts encompass three main parts: family and community involvement; faculty and staff involvement; and student involvement.

At Holy Child School at Rosemont, we have both a Chair of Service Learning, Lynn Gosnell, and a Service Learning Committee that plan service projects throughout the year, review new service opportunities, and reflect on past efforts to constantly improve. Whether it is Middle School selling concessions for a charity, Lower School packing Jared Boxes for sick children in hospitals, Pre-Kindergarten organizing Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Falcons making dog biscuits for a shelter, or students of every age participating in a day of service, there is something for every grade level and community member to feel a sense of warmth and purpose while helping others.

Our most recent family service event was on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, where our community members volunteered to pack and deliver lunches to the homeless and needy in Philadelphia. Through the years, Lynn has noticed that this day was evolving into an assembly line. Everyone was separated with specific jobs, and the children were trying to pack lunches as quickly as possible. This was not the goal. Lynn and the Service Learning Committee took action to bring back the sense of community.

This year, the tables were not set up in lines, but rather had space between them. Each of the 60+ families set up around a table and worked together to make and pack complete meals. Parents and children worked as a unit to share and communicate with their family as well as connect with other community members.

“That’s what I wanted,” Lynn reflected. “That’s the tone I wanted. I walked away saying, ‘this is what it’s all about.’ It’s not about how many sandwiches or bags we produce. It’s more about how [the families] are going to feel about themselves, gathered together with a purpose. Working together and sharing.”

Our families take the service aspect of a Holy Child education with them after they leave our School. Our alumni regularly contact us, asking when our next project is and if they can join.

“The more our children see the participation of people around them, their parents and family, it will continue and be a part of their lives. We have to reach out to others. ‘Actions Not Words.’”

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