Hope Partnership Launches New Music Programs

October 19, 2016

Rose Martin, RSM, Executive Director, Hope Partnership for Education

Hope Partnership for Education is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.


Hope Partnership launched its first jazz, percussion and string ensembles this year. Trumpets, trombones and saxophones bellowed through the halls. Violins were tuned and students began to learn the grace and poise needed to manage the strong, sturdy body of the instrument, as well as how to handle the delicate bow. During lessons we told students to, “Make some noise!” They’re coming your way – get ready to enjoy!


In case you’re wondering how Hope Partnership can offer this wonderful opportunity, the story is rooted in God’s Providence. During the summer of 2015, our search for a part-time music teacher coincided with the relocation of an Eastman School of Music graduate (University of Rochester) to Philadelphia.

With degrees in voice and music education, Lourdes was searching for a “home” to use her skills.  Hope Partnership was blessed to offer the opportunity to fulfill Lourdes’ quest, and the school was able to achieve a long-term goal. Providential, for sure!  A very generous donor and the services of Musicopia, a Philadelphia music non-profit, has allowed us to expand our music program. Watching the students’ excitement about taking their instruments home to practice augurs for future concerts here in North Philadelphia.

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