Holy Child Schools Build Relationships

November 21, 2017

Cornelia Connelly Center reports on a visit from Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child.

This fall Cornelia Connelly Center (CCC) in New York City received a visit from two students from Oak Knoll School of the Holy Child, the Center’s sister school in Summit, NJ. The two Oak Knoll seniors – Nia and Annie – arrived with gift bags for CCC’s middle school students. Nia and Annie had rallied their classmates to write personalized notes for each CCC student and donate items for the gift bags. The CCC students were so excited to receive the notes along with pencils, colorful erasers, and other school supplies!

In the summer Nia and Annie had served as counselors for Camp Cornelia in the City and fell in love with the energy and joy of CCC’s students. Camp Cornelia is a week-long orientation program for the Center’s incoming 4th and 5th Grade students.

These incoming students have an opportunity to learn from others in the Holy Child Network of Schools about what it means to receive a Holy Child education. The positive experience that Nia and Annie had at Camp Cornelia inspired them to organize the gift bag event as their senior community service project.

Cornelia Connelly Center is so grateful for the Holy Child Network and the strong relationships it builds.

“I was excited that Nia and Annie came because it had been a while since camp and I didn’t know we were going to see them again. It was so nice that their friends wanted to give us new supplies. I really like them, and it is cool that they cared about us and wanted to come back.”
-Esmeralda, CMS ’22

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