Helping the Community Accomplish Great Things

June 29, 2020

Siria Ana Rivera – Executive Director, Providence Center

At Providence Center, we are proud to provide a variety of resources and support, enabling members of the Fairhill community to accomplish great things.

Nestor, 19, moved to the Fairhill with his family more than two years ago, fleeing violence and persecution from the Venezuelan government. As the family crossed the border, they faced numerous hardships, including separation, violence, and murder.

Nestor came to Providence Center, still learning to speak English and struggling with the trauma associated with his family’s journey. He has been a member of  Providence’s Youth Advocates (YA!) team ever since, and his mom has enrolled in our English classes as well. Currently, Nestor is participating in the Center’s Trauma Ambassadors program, where he is learning how to identify and address trauma in his own life and community.

Aside from his participation on our YA! team, Nestor is studying Graphic Engineering at the Community College of Philadelphia, a perfect example of Providence Center’s impact on students and their families. Nestor more than deserves our pride in him, both for his own personal growth and development, and equally important, for the difference he makes in our community.

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