Graduate’s Good Fortune a Blessing for SC LAMP

April 1, 2020

Diana Pinto – Executive Director, South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)

SC LAMP is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Griselda, one of the mothers who graduated from a South Center LAMP (SC LAMP) program, had been working on obtaining her U.S residency. A week ago, she walked into our offices with her residency papers! She committed three years of her life and over $4,000 on this journey, and now she was officially a resident of the United States! After being in the shadows of our country, Griselda no longer lives in fear of being asked about her legal status.

The hardest part of Griselda’s journey had been leaving her children to return to Mexico for an unscheduled immigration appointment. She left not knowing when  the next time she would see her children. Griselda was uncertain if she would be accepted as a resident and allowed to return to the States. In the end, Griselda was most fortunate as she was away for only two weeks. Often, others wait much longer to get an appointment, away from their loved ones. Some are tragically unable to return to the United States.

When Griselda came to SC LAMP to tell us she was back and now a resident, hugs and tears were plentiful. After so many years, her family would be fully reunited. Griselda would be able to travel and work without looking over her shoulder. The support we were able to give Griselda when she first came to our program led her to this moment, where she has transformed the trajectory her family’s future. Griselda’s good fortune is a blessing for SC LAMP, a wonder-filled testament to the work we do, day in and day out.

At times like this we know, without a doubt, the difference our Center makes in this community, and the gratitude we have to all who support and fund our work is profound.

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