From Taliban Oppression to a Bright Future: Ahmad’s Journey

November 10, 2023

Carmen M. Chavez, Esq. – Executive Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Casa Cornelia serves clients worldwide who share a common experience of extreme human and civil rights violations, qualifying them for humanitarian protection in the United States. One such client, Ahmad*, a minor from Afghanistan, recalls a happy childhood marred by the Taliban’s rule.

Ahmad’s* life in Afghanistan was once peaceful and carefree. He remembers walking to school with friends and sightseeing with his family, simple joys taken for granted. However, this tranquility vanished when the Taliban’s harsh regime descended upon his neighborhood, stifling freedom and individuality. Families were in danger, women lost their rights, education became a distant dream, and dissent was ruthlessly punished.

Fearing for his safety, young Ahmad* made repeated attempts to escape Afghanistan as the Taliban tightened their grip. The situation escalated when the Taliban raided his family home, attempting to take his father. In a desperate move, his father instructed a relative to help Ahmad* flee the country, leaving behind everything he loved. Physically removed from Afghanistan, Ahmad* carried the spirit of his homeland within him. With nearly a year of legal representation by Casa Cornelia attorney Zohaile Kakavand, Ahmad* successfully won his asylum case. He now resides in the United States, looking forward to completing his education and aspiring to join the military to serve his newfound home.

Casa Cornelia’s clients hail from diverse corners of the world but share a common goal: to find safety and establish a home in the United States. As an organization, Casa Cornelia supports their aspirations by providing the legal assistance needed to secure legal status.

Congratulations, Ahmad*, we look forward to seeing where you go from here.

* Name and image changed to protect the client’s confidentiality.

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