Despite Pandemic, Community and Care Reign

March 8, 2021

Diana Pinto – Executive Director, South Central Los Angeles Ministry Project (SC LAMP)

As we approach a year of sheltering at home, daily we are reminded of the pandemic’s challenging effects. The loss of sharing life with loved ones is, perhaps, the most demanding. Words defy us, never having had this kind of experience.

This poignant issue was the primary topic of our COVID 101 workshop with the mothers we serve and with the mothers in our Family Literacy program. Detachment and isolation define our days, with few or no outlets to share our struggles. Our workshop was amazing, unbelievably so, and gave the mothers a much-needed space to talk, cry, give advice, feel heard, and, most significantly, to be understood. The mothers left our workshop feeling incredibly better, filled with a hope that has seemed to evade them, even though each had been through challenging times in the past. Because all enjoyed this workshop, they asked us to hold more in the weeks and months ahead.

We have created a series precisely for this expressed need, recently having held the third workshop. During this time, TLC reigned, thanks to a group of caring donors, including Mayfield Senior School Alumnae. “Goody bags” included hand sanitizer, chocolates, and a $50.00 Target gift card for each mother. Thanks to the workshop and our supportive donors, our mothers have realized, once again, that they are never alone. They are surrounded by loving and caring people and generous donors. All have who have kept us strong for two decades.

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