Cristo Rey St. Martin Alum’s Vocation is to Help Others

November 23, 2016

Preston Kendall, President, Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep

Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Daisy Morales says she had no idea that her experience at Cristo Rey St. Martin (CRSM) would change the course of her life, propelling her on a journey to help others as her chosen vocation. After graduating in 2012, she was still exploring a career in science in either education or medicine.

A small but persistent internal voice, combined with her faith, pulled Ms. Morales in a different direction, that is one of commitment to service and “paying it forward,” specifically to teens in the community where she was raised.


Now a graduate of Trinity Christian College with a BS in psychology, Ms. Morales was recently named Assistant Campus Minister/theology teacher at CRSM and will teach sophomore theology and work alongside Campus Minister Jim Dippold in guiding students on retreats, spiritual reflection, and volunteering. “I am passionate about helping young girls explore their spirituality, especially because high school can be really tough,” she says.

Recently Ms. Morales spent her summer as a part-time missionary in the Philippines working with at-risk children and families. “Missionary work is a great passion of mine, one that has altered my lifestyle and career plans,” she says. “Being a person for others, learned at CRSM, has influenced decisions I make.

“As a graduate of CRSM, one of my goals as a theology teacher and campus minister is to use all of the work (inside of school and out) that the students do and to incorporate it into their relationship with the Lord,” Ms. Morales says. We know she is up to the task!

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