Casa Cornelia Law Center Welcomes New Board Chair

February 23, 2021

Carmen M. Chavez, Esq. – Executive Director, Casa Cornelia Law Center

Casa Cornelia Law Center is a sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Gloria Bader (left) with VIT Project Assistant Alice Bendinelli at the 12th Annual La Mancha Awards.

At Casa Cornelia, we are starting the New Year with a renewed sense of hope, given recent successful client outcomes and exciting changes to our Board of Directors. Although 2020 was a complex and difficult year for victims of human rights violations, our staff persevered and remained focused on meeting the needs of those we serve.

Among the many transformational changes, 15 clients (and counting!) served through Casa Cornelia’s Children’s Program received their green cards after enduring abuse, abandonment, or neglect. These individuals, some of whom are now young adults, can finally start to settle into their lives, now able to grow up with a new-found sense of security and stability in the United States. As in the past, we are confident that this most recent good news will be a predecessor for many more new beginnings. We know all too well, sadly so, that vulnerable, victimized children, as well as adults, will continue to come to our doors. The Good News is that the Gospel story is alive and well at Casa Cornelia, and we shall continue to serve all who are in need of our assistance.

And to lead us forward in our mission, Casa Cornelia is delighted to welcome Dr. Gloria Bader as our newest Board Chair.  For the past 25 years, Dr. Bader has helped to build Casa Cornelia, and as a result of her commitment, along with others, we are a strong, vital, and vibrant presence in the community. As a result of her years of dedicated service, Dr. Bader knows intimately Casa Cornelia’s mission. She is more than well-positioned to assume this leadership role, and we are committed to helping her in every way possible. We invite you to read Dr. Bader’s reflection on her vision for Casa Cornelia’s future, as she looks back to the Law Center’s early days.

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