A Prayer Service for Giving Thanks

December 2, 2020

Dr. Beth Reaves – Head of School, Washington School for Girls (WSG)

Washington School for Girls is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Faith is central to our mission at Washington School for Girls. During these difficult times, we are keeping our faith alive and active, and one of the ways in which we hope to have achieved this goal was our virtual “Setting the Table” Thanksgiving prayer service. We began with the following words:

“We have an empty table in front of us because we believe in community – in what we have to give and receive from one another. We are created to be fed through relationship, and the table is our symbol of community.”

Prior to the service, families were given baskets that contained the following items to set on their tables at home.

A Tablecloth, to represent that each life is interwoven with every other life. The cloth is the symbol of the love that binds us together, supports us, and envelops us.

A Candle, to disperse the darkness of the world. We believe Jesus is the light of the world who brings forth Faith, Hope, Love, and Truth.

Fruits and Vegetables, to nourish us. This food serves as a reminder that God is the vine and we are the branches – all who live in Christ will bear great fruit.

A Plant, to remind us of the mystery and beauty of creation that surrounds us. Flowers are our symbol of Grace, which nourishes our souls and spirits, God’s unrelenting gift to us.

Bread and Wine (Juice), to remind us of the gift that a harvest can yield.

Washington School for Girls wishes you a peaceful and blessed holiday season!

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