A Fifth Grade View of the Pandemic

April 21, 2020

Rose Martin, RSM – Executive Director, Hope Partnership for Education

Hope Partnership is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of Holy Child Jesus

Walking into Hope Partnership’s fifth grade classroom is like being transported to a wonderland of love and learning. Maureen Oblea, a twenty-year veteran teacher, gives new meaning to the words of dedication and caring. She burst into tears upon hearing that schools would be closed for the remainder of the academic year in Pennsylvania. Despite her sense of loss at missing the presence of students, she sprang into action by March 16th, the first day of shelter in place. Like all of Hope’s staff, Maureen has worked tirelessly to connect with students and families, provide virtual learning in increasingly sophisticated ways, and to offer special touches that can’t be quantified but really demonstrate the mission of Hope Partnership.  A few student quotes and stories from Maureen will demonstrate better than further explanation.

“Nila sent me a picture of what I had sent to her in a “care package.”  She had put everything up on the wall of her bedroom.  She said, ‘This makes me feel loved and not so bad.'”

“Serenade calls me several times a day for individual help. I don’t mind. I have been helping her with her work and reading stories to her over the phone. It sounds like complete chaos in her house. Her parents are essential workers and older siblings are with all of the children. I told her to find a peaceful place so that we could talk. She said, ‘There is no peaceful place. School is my peaceful place.'”

Communication by phone, Zoom, Google Classroom, are our lifelines to offering Hope. Please join us in prayer for the time when we can see the faces of Hope once more.

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