2017-2023 Province Leadership Announced

March 17, 2017

We extend our prayers and blessings to the newly appointed American Province Leadership Team!

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, the Society of the Holy Child Jesus appointed a new American Province Leadership Team. Carroll Juliano, SHCJ, of Aldan, PA, will serve as the Leader of the Society’s American Province. Her team members will include Kathleen Cordes, SHCJ, of Portland, OR; Francine Gunther, SHCJ, of Anaheim, CA; Carol Ann Knight, SHCJ, of Bryn Mawr, PA; and Anita Quigley, SHCJ, of Wynnewood, PA. With extensive experiences in education, health and healing, and social justice ministries, these Sisters will continue to serve God, our Sisters, our ministries, and others with joy, compassion, and zeal.

Installation of the new Province Leadership Team (PLT) will be in June 2017 at New Sharon Chapel in Rosemont, PA. The PLT will lead the Sisters in the United States, Chile, and the Dominican Republic from June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2023.

Read below to learn more about each Sister.

Carroll Juliano, SHCJ, has served on two previous Province leadership teams.  For almost 20 years she has ministered at the national and international level as a presenter, facilitator, and consultant. Sister Carroll is the co-author of six books and numerous articles. For the last four years, she has been the Safe Environment Coordinator for the Diocese of Wilmington, DE.



Kathleen Cordes, SHCJ, has worked as an Educational Assistant at Wheatley School, a special education school in Portland, OR, for children with behavioral and cognitive issues for the past two years. Previously, she has served as an elementary school administrator for 27 years in schools on the west and east coast. In addition, Sister Kathleen has been an elementary school teacher in Holy Child and parish schools. She has served on the board of trustees at Holy Child schools and been a member of several SHCJ committees.    

Francine Gunther, SHCJ, has worked at Cornelia Connelly School in Anaheim, CA, for the past 23 years where she is completing her service as head of school this June. Previously, she has ministered in Holy Child high schools in Philadelphia, PA; Potomac, MD; and Rye, NY. She has served on the board at Rosemont College and other Holy Child schools on the east and west coasts, and has been a member of several SHCJ committees.



Carol Ann Knight, SHCJ, has served as a teacher for more than three decades on the east coast and in the mid-west. In 2001, Sister Carol Ann, along with Sister Rose Martin, RSM, began the work of establishing Hope Partnership for Education in North Philadelphia, PA. She then served for six years in Provincial leadership, before spending a sabbatical teaching at the Candidacy House in Ghana, West Africa. Currently, Sister Carol Ann ministers at Rosemont College in the Student Academic Support Center.


Anita Quigley, SHCJ, has served as an educator in middle and elementary schools and holds a counseling degree, which she has used in a variety of settings. From 2005-2011, she was a member of a Provincial leadership team. Since 2012, Sister Anita has served as the Vocation Director for the Society’s American Province and supports the Communications Office with its social media program.

9 Responses to “2017-2023 Province Leadership Announced”

  1. claire claire smith

    Many thanks to each of you for being willing and accepting this Ministry.

    We are all blessed by your responses.



    All our support for your generous leadership of the SHCJ American Province.
    With love, Jeanne Marie Guerin, shcj

  3. Rose Okoli

    Beloved sisters, may you be guided be the Holy Spirit as you lead the Society in this part of the world.

  4. Genevieve Ibedu,SHCJ

    Congratulations my dear sisters!and thank you for accepting to take up this mantle of service.May the Divine Child grant you wisdom,courage and inspiration to pilot the affairs of the province.You are in my prayers.Genevieve Ibedu,SHCJ

  5. Mary Samson, SHCJ

    Happy Easter to each of you. I will send a personal note soon but know I pray for each of you as you wind down from one ministry and prepare for the new. Thank You for accepting this ministry as we move into the future. Blessings. Mary Samson, SHCJ

  6. Mary Bryan

    Loving prayers and congratulations. Count on my support!

  7. Mary Bryan

    Loving prayers and congratulations. Count on my support! Mary Bryan, SHCJ

  8. Mary Alice Minogue

    Blessings, wisdom, patience, Resurrection joy! Mary Alice

  9. Veronica Ufomba

    Congratulations, Carroll, Kathleen, Francine, Carol, and Anita! I pray to God to grant you good health, strength, and wisdom for this joyful but challenging ministry of leadership.

    Veronica Ufomba, SHCJ