Five Make Temporary Profession of Vows

30 September, 2020 Written by Second Year Novices, Jos, Nigeria The “JAMAS” as we fondly call our predecessors, Josephine Asoloko, Anastasia Kommeh, Maureen Abadom, Angela Odoh and Sharon Iorapuu, radiated with celestial bliss as they processed to the altar of God on 14th September, 2020 to make temporary profession of vows to God.  It was […]

“A Long and Winding Road”: Excerpts from an interview

Preston Kendall, President, Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep “A Long and Winding Road”: Excerpts from an interview with Rogerr Oliva by John Geis Rogerr’s (CRSM ’13 NIU ’19) journey to graduation from Northern Illinois University (NIU) involved enough twists, turns to discourage any driver. But Rogerr (yes, two Rs) is not like most. The […]

Holy Child Sister Speaks on Pandemic in Nigeria

7 July, 2020 A television program on AIT African Independent Television recently featured Sr. Dr. Chika Eze, SHCJ. Click on the 28 minute mark in the video below to watch her. She is a senior lecturer in Veritas University, Abuja, Nigeria.