Ghana Communities Celebrate 175th Anniversary

15 July 2021

The Bolgatanga and Wallembelle communities came together to celebrate on 13 June in Bolgatanga, Ghana, at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish. Our message was that of thanksgiving to God for our years of existence. We were glad because as a Society, we celebrate 175 years, 90 years in Africa, 75 years in Ghana and 50 years in Bolgatanga. The quadruple jubilee celebration coincided with the Feast of the parish. We will therefore be ungrateful if we do not acknowledge what God has done for us. We thanked the parish for a cordial collaborative ministry. We also used the opportunity to ask for prayers for the success of our Assembly and CHAPTERS. We talked more on vocation and invited young women to join us to live out our mission. Our colourful and captivating Vocation Banners and Flyers will certainly yield fruits to the glory of God.

The HOPSANS were not left out. They joined us in the celebration. Their presence spoke a lot about what the society has done. They have benefitted from our education and had become women of substance who have made a great impact on the society. They are proud to be part of Cornelia’s beautiful dream.

The day was a great one. We had a lot to exhibit. We not only told our story of 175 years but had a lot to show for our existence. We thanked God for His Presence in our lives as a Society. We showcased the work of the trainees of the integrated service to the admiration of all.

Their artifacts gave a vivid picture of the kind of empowerment we seek to bring to the young ladies who had no hope of obtaining a future hence their migration to the south to try to get one. There is hope now because they are learning a trade and this obviously will take care of them and enable them live dignified lives. The society of the Holy Child and our collaborators, the Sister of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary [BVM] are offering them liberation. Their exhibits also showed that they are good and creative from the colorful display of woven cloths and dresses they had made.

Many people came around to see and buy some of the clothes on display. We had a lot of suggestions, congratulations and many marvel at the kind of project we were undertaking, a REAL NEED that was left unattended.

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