Hope Partnership for Education: Core Values Remain Intact

April 28, 2021

Rose Martin, RSM – Executive Director, Hope Partnership for Education

Hope Partnership for Education is a co-sponsored ministry of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

Schooling at Hope looks a little different these days. Students wear masks, sit at desks spaced six feet apart, and use Chromebooks instead of textbooks. In between math and reading lessons, you might see middle schoolers practicing boxed breathing or taking a virtual nature walk through a lush green forest, each an effort to relieve the anxiety of living in these stressful times.

In the midst of a global Pandemic, Hope students are still “making learning work” in our own school building and beyond. 7th Graders recently began participating in the Model UN/World Affairs program. Students spent time researching the topic Reducing Illness and Death from Pollution in Iran, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, South Korea, and Yemen. Middle schoolers had the explored their cultures and learn about the backgrounds of people in their countries of origin. The next time you see a Hope 7th Grader, don’t be surprised if they greet you in three or more different ways.

While a great deal has changed about the way we learn at Hope, our core values remain intact. In response to a recent journal prompt, “If I had a magic wand, what would I wish for,” a number of middle schoolers expressed compassion for others and a desire to change the world for the better. One student wrote:

“If I had a magic wand, firstly, I would want to change how society is today. I would change it into a peaceful, safe environment for all. Also, I would fix our climate problems and make sure that all children and animals are safe and healthy. Next, I would make all the trash in the world disappear so we can have clean air. Okay, so after that, I would want to make sure I have a stable, successful, happy, safe, and long life. I would make sure that my family and close friends are safe and can also live a happy life.”

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