Synod of Bishops Focusing on Youth

The Synod of Bishops is an assembly of bishops from around the world who assist the Pope by providing counsel on important questions facing the Church. It is taking place […]

Society Marks 172nd Anniversary

Feasts of St Edward and St Teresa, October 2018 October 13 and 15 are very important dates to the Society. Our founder Cornelia Connelly and three other women, who became […]

A Reflection On Service in Kenya

25 September, 2018 Mary Hamilton, SHCJ, ministered in Kenya for two weeks this summer. We invite you to read her reflection on this experience below. By Mary Hamilton, SHCJ On […]

Join the Winckley Square Walking Tours

6 September, 2018 The Friends of Winckley Square is a group that aims to inform and engage with others, sharing thoughts and memories of this unique and important heritage site […]

Holy Child Volunteers Launches New Website

17 August, 2018 Holy Child Volunteers, established by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus to recruit men and women to serve at the American Province’s mission in Santo Domingo, […]