Holy Child Sister Publishes Book ‘Full of Hope’ for Youth

31 July, 2019

The Guardian (Nigeria) newspaper recently published an article about Holy Child Sister Antoinette Opara. Below is part of the article and a link to the item in full.

“With Violet Oranges in Twilight, Rev. Sr. Antoinette Opara brings hope, valour and vigour to pupils and teenagers in the country who may be going through rough times in their social and academic journey.

Antoinette Opara

The 10-chapter book, formally launched last Sunday, June 23, 2019, is a crisscross narrative of fiction and non-fiction of the 1980’s primary and secondary school days of a middle class Nigerian girl child and her friends. Opara is the administrator of Holy Child College, Ikoyi, and a leadership member of Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ).

The multi-skilled educationist and quintessential woman with admirable track record, through the book, captures the several issues confronting the Nigerian child and teenagers, proffering solutions on how they can navigate and come out stronger. In the book, Opara chronicles her life experiences and perceptions as an adolescent, aligns it with the contemporary realities and presents it in a guide format for young Nigerian students.

The author reveals that the book is a compendium of sort, as it has prose, drama, poetry and essays. She says: ‘I felt I needed to give back to the society what I have received especially from my many years of experience and also as an administrator. The more I encounter students facing challenges in school, the more I felt I should do something like this that will help them get over their challenges’.”


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