New York

Cornelia Connelly Center for Education
The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus opened the Cornelia Connelly Center for Education in 1993. The school provides girls from low-income families with a strong educational foundation that includes a comprehensive middle school program (Connelly Middle School of the Holy Child), strong support through high school, planning for higher education, and a vibrant alumnae community.


Volunteers Needed: The Cornelia Connelly Center needs volunteers to tutor middle and high school students during the school day and in the late afternoon, to offer service projects for middle school students, and to provide cultural experiences.

Contact: Heather Raferty
220 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10009

Cristo Rey New York High School
The Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus partnered with the Christian Brothers, the Jesuits, and lay women and men to open Cristo Rey New York High School (CRNYHS) in 2004. CRNYHS provides students from low-income families a quality education and real-life work experience that are designed to prepare them for success in college. Students participate in an innovative Corporate Work Study Program, which enables them to finance the majority of the cost of their education. Students work for more than 75 Manhattan companies and organizations as part of five-member job teams. With each student working four days a month, the job team’s income represents a single, full-time job of $29,000 per school year.

Volunteers Needed: Cristo Rey needs volunteers to tutor individual students during the school day, assist with sports after school or help with other co-curricular activities such as the drama, music and art clubs. The school will work with volunteers to match their interest and expertise with the needs of the school.

Contact: Heather Trotta
112 E. 106th St.
New York, NY 10029
212.982.7000, x125