Ordering Information

1 card $2.00

Quantity Discount and Personalizations

Inquire about quantity discounts on orders of 25 or more of the same card.

Personalized messages are available at additional cost.

Add a dedication to a print for an additional $8.00 (name, in honor or memory or celebration of your baptism, ordination, first Eucharist, birthday, confirmation etc., date).


Size A8 1/2 x11


Size B11x14


Size C12x16


Some are 13×9 or 11×17 Size D17x22


Giclée limited edition print


Specify: Title of the item

For prints – give size(s) of prints.

For cards – indicate blank cards, note cards, sympathy cards, Christmas cards, Sacrament cards.

Indicate the quantity desired of each.

Send to: France White, SHCJ
1833 E. Orange Grove Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104
Email: FWhite@shcj.org