France White Christmas Cards

O Adonai


inside text
The blessings of Christmas be yours, and may the birth of the Child enflame your heart with God’s boundless mercy and love.

Dawn of Salvation – Star


inside text:
We wait in joy-filled hope for the light that will bless us with mercy and justice, love and peace.

Candle Dance


Inside text:
Jesus, Light of the World is born.
Let us carry this Light
To kindle the New Year
With Kindness

God’s Love


Inside text:
Embrace this precious gift of God and give it to others this holy season and throughout the new year

Jubilee Birth


Inside text:
Blessings at this holy Jubilee time

We Rejoice to Welcome You


Inside text:
Have no fear; the Holy One, your God, is with you - a mighty Savior. God rejoices over you with gladness, renewing you in love, Dancing and singing for joy because of you. (Zephaniah)

See in this tiny Babe your mighty Savior. Know in this sweet, Holy Child the One who dances and sings for love of you. And Rejoice this Christmas season and throughout the New Year!

Mary Treasured All These Things


inside text
Christmas blessings to you. With Mary may you treasure the lessons of the Holy Child in this season to bring God’s mercy and boundless love into the new year.

Dawn of Salvation


inside text:
I will hear the words of the Most High who speaks peace to those of good heart that glory may dwell on our earth.
Mercy comes to meet truth, justice embraces peace; truth springs up from the earth and justice looks down from the heavens.



Inside text:
May Peace Crown your Year.
May it be the Song in your Heart,
May it be the Light by which you walk

The Heart of the Giver


Inside text:
Blessed are the Eyes
that see in the Gift
the Heart of the Giver.
May all that you give and all you receive
Bring Joy and Peace

Peace Finds a Home


Inside text:
When the fullness of time comes round,
Peace will find a home
in every human heart.
May you find that peace born in you this season
and nurture it throughout this new year

Winter’s Night


Inside text:
Hang your hopes on Winter’s night, weave your dreams . . . For the DayStar dawns - brighter than all expectations - to fill our hearts beyond what we can hope or imagine

O Radiant Dawn


inside text
In the tender mercy of our God, the Dawn from on high will visit us, to give light to those who dwell in desolation
and the shadow of death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1
May the light of the child, born once again this Christmastide, shine on the way of peace, to guide our hearts and bring blessing in the New Year.



inside text, Christmas version:
Peace this season and always.

Flute Herald


Inside text:
Announce the Good News everywhere.
The Child is Born;
the season of Peace and Love dawns anew.

Flame of Wisdom


Inside text:
Together we hold the Flame of Wisdom that guides our hearts into paths of peace. May Wisdom guide you day by day.



Inside text:
Have Peace in this Presence
now and evermore

O Emmanuel


Outside text:
Our Leader, Our Law Maker DESIRE of the NATIONS LONG-AWAITED SAVIOR Do Not Delay; Come And Set Us Free.

Inside text:
May the presence of God with you fill your life with joy at this holy season and throughout the year.

Blessing of Peace


inside text
The blessing of peace be upon you: peace at your waking, peace in your heart, peace in your mind: peace in
 your speaking, peace in your actions; peace in your home, peace in your workplace, peace in your neighborhood; peace in our nation, peace in our world; peace at the close of day, peace in our dreaming.

The Heavens Invite Us to Dream


inside text:
The heavens invite us to dream – earth begs us to hope. Reach for the stars: for those who believe all things are possible.

Fullness of Time


When the fullness of time had come God’s love appeared new born

Inside text:
This Baby, ever new yet God Eternal, has come to give life and give it to the full – each day, every season, age upon age now and forever

Mother of Compassion


Inside text:
O Child of Compassion, as we contemplate your birth, open wide our hearts. May your love flow through each of us - We who are all born of the Womb of God - and fill our world with peace

The Visit of the Shepherd Children


Inside text:
Beloved, come and sing for me this hymn. Sing joyfully and laugh with delight, for in truth, I who made everything am dependent on all creatures. Revelation to Mechtilde of Magdeburg

May you find joy in the love of the Child and peace in God’s daily presence this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year. Then come, sing for me this hymn; share your joy, love, peace and God’s presence