Casa Cornelia Law Center, San Diego, CA

Luis with the CCLC attorney who handled his case

Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Child in 1993, Casa Cornelia Law Center is a public interest law firm providing pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations. Every year, the Center serves more than 600 men, women, and children.

With a primary commitment to the indigent within the immigrant community in southern California, the Center strives to educate others regarding the impact of immigration law and policy on society and the public good.


Darkness pervaded Luis’ life, both literally and figuratively. The 30-year old married father of two lost his sight after sustaining injuries during a San Salvadorian earthquake. Unable to cope, his wife abandoned the family. Luis not only cared for his daughters, but established a successful business. His success made him vulnerable to violent gangs who tormented him. After identifying his attackers, Luis feared for his life when he discovered police were involved in the conspiracy. He abandoned his business, left his daughters with relatives, and fled to the U.S. seeking asylum. Luis’ dream of escaping persecution in his homeland and reuniting with his daughters was realized through the efforts of Casa Cornelia Law Center. Luis was granted asylum in the U.S. and his two girls, the light of his life, have joined him. Luis and his daughters dream of brighter days ahead.