Sr. Peggy Doherty and Sr. Nancy Hagenbach Sr. Ann-Joyce Peters, SHCJ Cornelia Connelly Sr. Joanne Sullivan, SHCJ
Profiles of Sisters

Cornelia Connelly encouraged her sisters to “meet the wants of the age,” meaning that we need to continually adapt to a changing world and respond to its greatest needs. Since 1846, our ministry has been education. Today, we continue to serve as educators in the broadest sense of the word thorough our ministries in spirituality, health care, social work, law, and teaching. Read more about our ministries by clicking on our photos below. However your heart calls you, we invite you to connect with the Sisters of the Holy Child.

Sr. Margaret Mullin, SHCJ
Sr. Margaret Mullin
(M. M. Evelyn)
Sr. Rosemary Ritchie, SHCJ
Sr. Rosemary Ritchie
(M. Alice Mary)
Sr. Gloria Coleman
Sr. Gloria Coleman
(M. Edmund Campion)
Sr. Pat Tirrell, SHCJ
Sr. Pat Tirrell
(Sr. Mary Vincentia)
Sr. Mary Frances Nevins, SHCJ
Sr. Mary Frances Nevins
(M. M. Karen)
Sr. Jane Bigelow, SHCJ
Sr. Jane Bigelow
(M. M. Samuel)
Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch, SHCJ
Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch
(M. M. Jeanne)
Sr. Mary Hamilton, SHCJ
Sr. Mary Hamilton



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