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What is the EcoSpirituality Group?

The EcoSpirituality Group (ESG) is primarily a spirituality group offering mutual support as we grow in understanding of Incarnation and the SHCJ mission in light of new scientific findings about creation and the problems threatening the world God lives and acts within. Those who have chosen to be full members are responsible to reply to e-mails when answers are requested, to make decisions concerning the group, to attend meetings every two to three years (cf. 2013 report); and to assist with retreats that are open to all every three years (cf. 2013 report). Both members and those on the e-mail list strive to live the ESG Mission and implement yearly plans. All members receive e-mail communication: action alerts; items of inspiration; general information; and resource suggestions. Everyone can contribute suggestions and can decide from the subject headings which e-mails to open.

What does "eco" mean?
Eco comes from the Greek oikos — "home."  In this case, it means Earth and all of creation. Ecospirituality refers to finding God in all creation. (Other terms include creation spirituality and creation theology.)

When did the EcoSpirituality Group (ESG) start?
The EcoSpirituality Group (ESG) began in June 2001.

Why did it start?
Some SHCJ wanted to join with other SHCJ to learn more about, and act on, new understandings of the sacredness and interconnectedness of creation and how new scientific discoveries were enhancing our religious beliefs.

Who belongs?
Any Sister of the Holy Child Jesus, Associate, or other person is welcome to become a member or to be on the e-mail list. Members are distinguished by their willingness to respond to action items during the year (e.g. the annual evaluation), and by their desire to attend the biennial ESG meeting or to participate via conference call to plan for the following year. Those exclusively on the e-mail list do not have any additional responsibilities. To join, contact Sr. Terri MacKenzie ( and kindly provide your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and which group (member or e-mail only) you wish to join.

What is your mission statement?
The ESG Mission Statement simply elaborates the SHCJ mission statement — to find God living and acting in us and in our world. It lists ways members strive to implement it and other pertinent SHCJ statements. This is the Mission Statement of the American Province’s EcoSpirituality Group:

“For this is our mission: to help others believe that God lives and acts in them
and in our world, and to rejoice in the divine presence." (SHCJ Constitutions)

Impelled by this mission, we SHCJ join for mutual support to nurture our
reverence for the human family and the integrity of creation. We seek a deep contemplative attitude of heart drawing us to respond to a planet in crisis by:

  • deepening and expanding our understanding of the Incarnation in light of the Universe Story;
  • shifting our consciousness from stewardship of Earth to kinship with God's creation;
  • growing in awareness of creation's interconnectedness;
  • understanding that care for creation embraces all peace and justice issues;
  • taking action to care for Earth's most vulnerable members; and
  • live simply and sustainably

Have you questions or comments? Send an e-mail to Sr. Terri MacKenzie.

For more information about ecospirituality, Advent and Lent resources, and an ecospirituality blog visit Ecospirituality Resources.


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